Adsorption Solutions, L.L.C.

Adsorption Solutions, L.L.C.
2900 N. Leisure World Blvd. Unit 414
Silver Spring, MD 20906
Telephone (540) 533-6755

We are an adsorption technology consulting company specializing in molecular sieve applications and mercury removal.

Principal consultant: John Markovs who has over 35 years of molecular sieve applications experience with the numerous applications in the process industries. Extensive background in hydrocarbon processing and in mercury removal. Directly involved in the commercialization of many molecular sieve applications.

Some of Mr. Markovs' accomplishments:

  • Inventor of UOP HgSIV. This is a regenerative mercury removal adsorbent that prevents mercury damage to sensitive parts of a plant like aluminum cryogenic heat exchangers. This product is currently in use in many cryogenic hydrocarbon recovery gas plants and in world-class ethylene plants.
  • Inventor of the UOP MemGuard Process. This is the use of a thermally regenerated adsorption unit to remove heavy hydrocarbons from natural gas to allow the downstream CO2 rejection membrane unit to perform as designed.
  • Author of 12 US patents for molecular sieve applications.

We provide solutions to your adsorption needs:

  • Mercury Removal
  • Design of new adsorption units
  • Identification and correction of operating unit problems
  • Advice for safe change out of adsorber vessels
  • Training

Mercury removal is one of our specialties. Mercury can be removed from gas and liquid streams by use of a variety of different adsorbents. In certain cases mercury can even be recovered as pure mercury.

We know the adsorption products that are available and which ones can best be used for each application. If your adsorbent supplier cannot satisfy all your needs, or should you just want an independent opinion, contact us.

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