Adsorption Solutions, L.L.C.

Adsorption Training

Adsorption became an important separation/purification process with the invention of synthetic zeolites. These micron sized porous crystals having specifically sized and uniform pore openings were invented by Union Carbide Corporation some 40 years ago. These crystals are bonded with a clay type material into bead or pellet shaped particle and marketed as molecular sieve products. Much of the adsorption technology has been developed through the commercialization of the various molecular sieve applications.

We provide training tailored to your needs. This can range from the adsorption theory, regeneration considerations, and design of adsorption units, to how to trouble shoot adsorption unit performance problems. We will emphasize what is important to you.

Once the plant is operational the actual stream conditions are frequently found to be different from those used in the design of the adsorption unit. Usually the operation can be optimized to save regeneration energy costs, extend the adsorbent life, and reduce the replacement costs.

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